Into The Magnolia Shades

Magnolia tree is the first and one of the most beautiful signatures of the spring. The magnolia is a very tough, hard flower, unlike other delicate flowers, because it had to adapt to changing climactic and geological conditions in order to survive, and it is precisely due to this feature that the flower represents endurance, eternity, and long life.

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Already in March this tree is covered with flowers which are not easy to miss, given their rather large size.These fragrant blooms are most commonly associated with the colour white, though they come in a variety of other colours as well, including fragile pink, mauve, purple, peach, yellow and lavender. The colour of the magnolia flower signifies a certain symbol.

Colour Pink symbolises romance, love and femininity. This beautiful flower is going to be an amazing gift for the one you love and it will make a clear statement that you have strong affection and love for this person. Thus, the flower is a sign of innocence, and pink indicates shyness and is most often given to girls who have not yet realised true love.

Colour Yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and friendship. This flower is a perfect symbol for friendship and it can be a beautiful reminder of caring for the people you love and showing them love and affection.

Colour Purple is a symbol of spirituality, royalty and feelings of dignity. The purple magnolia flowers can be gifted to almost anyone, and gifting them won’t send a wrong message to the one who is receiving the flower.

White is a symbol of purity, innocence and spirituality. The white magnolia flower is there to send a message of kindness and innocence to anyone. This beautiful flower is going to be a strong reminder of living your life according to your desires and to the desires of others.

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In Europe, the rule was that the flower of magnolia was given after the infidelity of the return of old love. Magnolia symbolises dignity and perseverance, but also Love For Nature. In China, the magnolia flower is a symbol of strength and loyalty in love. According to the feng shui, the magnolia planted in front of the house attracts the energy of pleasure and rest, and if it is planted behind the house symbolizes the slow but sure acquisition of wealth.

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Magnolia characteristics have been known since ancient times. In old traditional medicine, the Chinese and Japanese have used the medicinal extract of the bark for 2000 years. Today the essence is used in medicine and in the cosmetic industry. Many cosmetics, shampoos with extract of magnolia, various preparations and baths based on its scent are very well known.


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